| Natalie Fedie

Mastering the Closing Process Part 1: Introduction

The legal industry is evolving. In addition to increased security risks, clients are expecting law firms to offer more value at a lower cost or alternative fee arrangements for their […]

| Damien Black

Four Important Legal Tech Trends Dominating LegalWeek18

Last month, Doxly CEO, Haley Altman, and 17 other legal tech key thinkers and innovators were featured in a “Voices of Legalweek18” podcast (Episode 9 of the Blacklines & Billables […]

| Damien Black

Streamline Your Deals to Prepare for the Future

The legal profession has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years, thanks to the internet, the economy and new legal service providers entering the market. As 2017 comes to a […]

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