| Doxly

Mastering the Closing Process Part 2: Creating a Plan

Once a law firm recognizes the benefits and competitive advantages of adopting technology to Master the Deal Closing Process, such as mitigating security risks or standardizing internal processes to increase […]

| Doxly

Mastering the Closing Process Part 1: Introduction

The legal industry is evolving. In addition to increased security risks, clients are expecting law firms to offer more value at a lower cost or alternative fee arrangements for their […]

| Damien Black

Four Important Legal Tech Trends Dominating LegalWeek18

Last month, Doxly CEO, Haley Altman, and 17 other legal tech key thinkers and innovators were featured in a “Voices of Legalweek18” podcast (Episode 9 of the Blacklines & Billables […]

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