| Damien Black

Doxly’s Core Company Values Provide a Blueprint for Success

At Doxly, we want to help you master the legal transaction process and drive real value for your legal practice and clients. A major component to ensuring that both we and our customers reach our respective goals is through carrying out our core values in everything we do – Win Together, Take the Lead, Keep it Simple, Work with Respect, and Continue to Learn & Evolve (“CLE”).


Our company values influence every business decision and interaction with our customers, reminding us and pushing us to work toward reaching defined business goals and finding success together. Our values also provide a solid foundation for our customers to develop and nurture successful, long-lasting, and profitable relationships with their clients.


We just wrapped up an incredible year at Doxly and for our customers, thanks in part to our core values. As we enter 2018, here’s how we plan to rely on these values to make this year even better.


1. Win Together

We streamline the legal transaction process so that Doxly users have time to focus on higher-margin, higher-value work instead of time-draining administrative matters. But we only succeed if our customers succeed too. We rely on our customers’ feedback on the Doxly features and functionality. We consistently incorporate our customers’ feedback to enhance the platform. As a result, we have several new features rolling out this year that will make closing deals even simpler – saving your client money and time, while raising your value to the client.


2. Take the Lead

Our customers are taking the lead by utilizing new and innovative ways to close deals, finding success and separating their firms from the pack. Our users also have the data they need to analyze deal term trends and firm performance – data that law firm clients are demanding more and more. We offer an innovative and secure solution for managing deals from beginning to end, and throughout this year we will continue to be on the forefront of implementing new features to streamline the closing process.


3. Keep it Simple

Doxly users see an 80% time savings on closing book creations because the process can be completed and distributed to the parties with just a few simple clicks. As a transactional lawyer, you know that keeping track of where the deal stands and who still needs to sign a certain page is time-consuming, complex and stressful. Clients don’t want to pay for you to create a closing book – a process that can take many hours. Imagine having a way to keep track of every deadline, document, correspondence, and signature in one place. In 2018, we will continue to simplify the transaction process from diligence to closing, freeing lawyers to focus on completing billable work.


4. Work with Respect

We understand the pressure lawyers are under from clients to complete their legal work efficiently and cost-effectively, while also respecting their client’s confidentiality. We have worked with our customers to learn what tools they need to communicate quickly, efficiently and securely with colleagues and their clients. All lawyers involved in the deal have access to the same closing checklist and can manage tasks awaiting completion in a secure environment. External parties also can communicate directly in the Doxly platform, alleviating the possibility of miscommunication.


5. Continue to Learn & Evolve (“CLE”)

While we are proud of our product, we know that we must continue to learn and understand what issues our customers face in their practice and how we can use or adapt our tool to improve their workflow. Our customers face the reality of an ever-evolving legal market and rules and regulations, and those who continue to learn what their clients demand and evolve their practices to better serve their clients will succeed. One way we help our customers continue to learn and evolve is through continuing legal education. This year, we’re partnering with highly regarded attorneys to provide CLE on the ABA Model Rules update and confidential client communications. The American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility issued an opinion last May providing additional guidance regarding an attorney’s obligation to protect client confidentiality in electronic communications.


By winning together, taking the lead, keeping it simple, working with respect, and continuing to learn & evolve, Doxly and our customers will find continued success in 2018.