| Haley Altman

Leverage Technology to Improve the Transaction Process

I’m often asked by attorneys, “How can technology improve my transaction process?” There are several benefits when using technology for transactions, including:


  • Simplifying a complex process
  • Closing the deal faster
  • Increasing control and visibility
  • Avoiding errors
  • Increasing security


By putting legal technology to use, law firms can streamline operations and automate everyday tasks that are essential, but manually inefficient.


Reducing administrative tasks allows law firms to offer client services at a higher efficiency and lower rate, while gaining an edge against the growing competition. With the data and analytics you collect when automating the process, you can do more fixed fees and have higher realization rates.


The demand for project management technology is on the rise and necessary for law firms to continue to thrive. Early adopters will make the most predominant mark with clients and will have a leading edge against both small- and large-firm competition. These law firms will be able to grow and evolve before others are even considering trading their spreadsheets and emails for streamlined technology.


Will Your Firm be Behind or Ahead of the Curve?


Many law firms are creating new positions to handle the integration of technology into their firm’s structure to enhance the delivery of their legal services. Technology is rapidly becoming a requirement of traditional business models, legal practices and financial services. To avoid being left behind, firms should differentiate themselves by embracing the adoption of technology.


Lawyers receive similar education and often have similar experiences, so what are the real differentiators for law firms? The most successful firms are distinguishing themselves by providing practical and innovative solutions via legal technology.


The end results are a greater client experience, increased client satisfaction, increased realization rates, and, ultimately, a successful firm.


Learn more about why your firm needs to adopt technology to master the legal transaction process in our latest eBook, “Technology Solutions Mitigate Risk of Data Disclosure.” It covers attorney obligations for protecting client information, the limitations of traditional unencrypted technology and what to consider when implementing new technology.