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5 Things I Would Have Told You At #ILTACON2017

Making it toLas Vegas for #ILTACON2017? I’m officially jealous.


For those who are making their way out to Las Vegas for #ILTACON2017, I’m officially jealous. Not because I enjoy Vegas — I don’t. But, as I’ve sworn to my wife on several occasions, legal technology conferences are about as close as I ever come to celebrity status. Oh sure, I’m no Casey Flaherty, but I will get the occasional, “Zach Abramowitz? The ReplyAll guy!”


Not gonna lie, it’s pretty great.


But, this year my wife and I goofed and “planned” the birth of our fourth child smack in the middle of ILTA, so I had to pass up attending one of the premier events of the legal tech year. Rookie mistake, I know.


I usually spend these conferences meeting with people and engaging in deep conversations, which given my background is not exactly shocking. While no two conversations are the same, what I’ve found is that I usually have four or five nuggets of information that I will repeat in almost every discussion. So, since I’m not going to be at ILTA because of the aforementioned (and very much impending) baby arrival, I decided to share said nuggets here.


  1. Maybe it’s because I come from a transactional background and because I like legal companies founded by lawyers, but I’m quickly becoming a fan of Doxly. Anyone who’s ever worked on a corporate transaction knows that there are two types of junior associates on each deal: a monkey and a babysitter. The monkey is responsible for doc review and any ad hoc research that comes up. Companies like KiraLuminanceeBreviahave been working on automated solutions so that, ideally, you wouldn’t even need a monkey. But the babysitter, or what Doxly founder and former Ice Miller partner Haley Altman calls a “deal champion,” is responsible for making sure the transaction has everything it needs to close. The way that firms do this now is creating transaction checklists in Microsoft Word, which are then manually updated and sent around as the deal progresses. If you’ve never worked on a transaction, trust me that process is as clunky as it gets — and it leads to errors and delays that can hold up a deal. Doxly has created a smart workflow that keeps all parties in the loop as a transaction moves forward. Plus, Doxly reduces, if not completely eliminates, the risk of error. If you missed my live interview with Haley Altman (sponsored by eDiscovery tech and service provider Planet Data), make sure to check it out. Now that I know about it, I can’t imagine doing a deal without Doxly. Would love to hear from lawyers who have demoed Doxly, signed up for a subscription or are doing something else to manage “smart” transactions.


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