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6 Leadership Tips for First-Time Female CEOs

What happens when you find yourself in a new, traditionally male, position with no clear blueprint?


Jumping into a new role is as challenging as it is exciting. There are new skill sets, new workflows and likely new key performance indicators (KPIs) to be measured against. Often, there’s also a blueprint for how to execute your new role, and a training path to get you there.


But what happens when you find yourself taking on a new position (whether with a new company, or with your existing employer), with no clear blueprint?


I found myself in this very scenario a few years back — making the jump from my dream job as a partner at a law firm to a first-time CEO of a legal-tech startup. It all happened in the blink of an eye. And, at the time, I had limited insight into what I had to do, not only to get a startup up and running, but also to make the personnel hires that would allow us to excel — all while keeping our early customers happy, and prospecting for more.


Fortunately, I’ve had excellent resources, like backing from a venture studio and the wisdom of other female leaders, at my disposal. But I’ve still had to learn (and I continue to learn) the leadership skills I needed for being a first-time female CEO, in a role predominantly held by males.


I’ve compiled my own top six tips for women, like me, looking to take on the role of a female CEO for the very first-time. Here they are:


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