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Dentons subsidiary invests in tech startup aimed at simplifying corporate legal transactions

From Debra Cassens Weiss in the ABA Journal


A Dentons subsidiary is investing in a startup that plans to use technology to simplify complex corporate legal transactions.


The startup, Doxly, was co-founded by a former Ice Miller partner, Bloomberg Big Law Business reports. Dentons subsidiary NextLaw Labs announced the investment, but did not specify how much money it is investing.


Nextlaw Labs has also invested in Ross Intelligence, which learns from the lawyers who use it for legal research.


Doxly software simplifies corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, creating automated tasks to help manage the process.


NextLaw Labs CEO Dan Jansen explained it this way in an interview with Bloomberg Big Law Business: “Doxly does simple things like automating the signature collection and having it in electronic formats, and it has dashboards that show who has signed and who hasn’t and where it is in the process. It also has checklists. While the solution sounds pretty straightforward, we really haven’t seen anyone pull it all together.”


Jansen said Dentons is interested in helping shape legal technology and then bringing it to the law firm. “We were the first to do it in the legal industry,” he told Bloomberg.” I’m surprised that no one has followed us. But that’s cool. I’ll take all the runway I can get. We think it’s a compelling model. We’re either brilliant or crazy because no one is copying us.”