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ABA TECHSHOW Post-Mortem: Not Your Granddaddy’s Legal Tech Conference

TECHSHOW is more than 30 years old, but the atmosphere felt as fresh and energetic as at any contemporary conference.


When you’re the granddaddy of legal technology conferences, your biggest challenge is remaining relevant to new generations of legal professionals. This year, ABA TECHSHOW, which wrapped up Saturday in Chicago, proved that not only is it still relevant, but that it can even push the envelope of what a legal tech conference can and should be.


That is no small feat at a time when a number of newcomers have emerged on the legal tech conference circuit. I’ve unabashedly gushed about the Clio Cloud Conference, which has continued to grow in popularity since it debuted in 2013. Coming up in April is the fifth annual CodeX FutureLaw Conference from the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, a conference known for bringing together an array of cutting-edge legal technologists and entrepreneurs. I could go on, or I could simply refer you to Dan Lear’s post wrapping up the best legal conferences of 2016.


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