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alt.legal: How Not To Get Stuck On Closing Set Duty

A conversation with Haley Altman of Doxly.


Junior transactional associates know: closing set duty is a rite of passage. Long conference tables with piles of documents, chasing down terrifying senior executives to get their signatures on various signature pages, substituting pages at the last second, impossibly long closing checklists, standing at the printer all night… these were the hallmarks of being a junior associate in a transactional practice.


Much more of this motion is done electronically now, but walking through any large law firm you may still spot the piles of paper and the long folder-holding file racks that seem specially created for this purpose.


Haley Altman knows the pain of transactional attorneys. She is a former transactional attorney, first as an associate at Wilson Sonsini and then as partner and leader of the VC practice at Indiana powerhouse Ice Miller. Now Haley serves as CEO and co-founder of Doxly, a legal tech company focused on solving transaction management. Previously interviewed here, I caught up with Haley to get an update on Doxly and learn more about what lies ahead.


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