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LegalGeek is a legaltech conference in Shoreditch London, who’s aim is to bring together lawyers, innovators and technology. Hold on a bit, you might say, aren’t these groups competitors? Yes, in some cases they definitely are, in other cases innovative new technology is used to enhance how lawyers provide service to their clients, not replacing them.


Basically you can divide the legaltech community in two distinct groups:


1. The entrepreneurs and lawyers who want to keep their business in some iterations of how it’s always been, but use technology to increase production and billable hours. Some claim that this will benefit the client, but after doing a large investment in new technology (increased the value prop) how likely is it that a lawyers will decrease their hourly rate!?


2. Start-ups that aim to replace lawyers with better en cheaper digital solutions. This is the group that brings most attention and possible transformative power, but as with all hype there is yet to be a transformative product in the market. As an example If you are doing legal document handling and signing, you are just replacing the google search for a template and Adobe Fill & Sign, not your lawyer.


These two groups formed the backbone of the LegalGeek 2018 conference, where the battle over “modernising” versus “innovating” was conducted over Corona beers and funky music. BizBot’s delegation came an hour late after a train strike on the airport express train and 2 hours bumber to bumber in the slow London traffic.


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