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Deal Platform Doxly Now Integrates With iManage, Inc. On-Prem Use

Corporate deal platform, Doxly, has announced it is now fully integrated with all versions of iManage, including for on-premises use, enabling legal teams to forgo document storage in the cloud during transactions if they want that.


Doxly partnered with SeeUnity, a content integration group with a focus on secure server environments, to securely connect law firms’ on-premises iManage and iManage Cloud instances to Doxly.


Which, for lay readers basically means if you’re really paranoid about sending sensitive legal docs from an M&A deal out to the cloud, but you want to use a great deal platform like Doxly, then no worries, as you can now use iManage’s on-prem DMS and Doxly together. Or, go cloud still if you want to.


With the iManage integration, Doxly users can now browse and select their iManage documents without leaving the Doxly application. Users can also push the final record of a deal back to iManage by utilising their closing books features and ‘save over 80% of administrative time on closing book creation’ the company added.


Is this a big deal? It’s hard to tell how many clients/law firms demand the on-prem use of tech to reduce ‘cloud risk’. But, it does come up in chats with vendors that it is a need that a notable fraction of the market really cares about. So, this helps in that regard.


Either way, if a lot of law firms have their docs in iManage and you have a deal platform that involves lots of documents….then, putting something like Doxly and iManage together makes total sense and can only be good for the US startup.


It’s also a good example of applications networking together through integrations, something that may help to defend the mass of point solutions from the continual platform expansion of the handful of legal tech giants.


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