Doxly Announces Launch of Automated Checklists for Corporate Law Transactions

Secure transaction management platform brings control, peace of mind and velocity to legal transactions with the addition of centralized checklists.


INDIANAPOLIS – June 13, 2017 – Doxly, a secure portal for end-to-end corporate transactions, continues to revolutionize the legal tech industry with the launch of their dynamic checklist design. The enhanced user-friendly interface allows attorneys to easily evaluate the status of a deal and take action with its instinctive design. The company, which prides itself on developing a product that is robust, secure and intuitive, was founded by Haley Altman, who has over a decade of experience working on complicated transactions in the corporate, private equity, and venture capital verticals. Altman continues to translate her knowledge and intimate understanding of the processes and workflows required to successfully complete transactions into a solution that helps attorneys close deals with more accuracy, security, speed and satisfaction.


“What was once a completely manual process completed with word documents or excel, is now an automated process that allows team members to collaborate and have a real-time view of a deal’s status, providing the ability to respond to client inquiries immediately” said Altman.


Doxly’s enhanced design allows attorneys to filter documents by status and responsible party, offering instant insight into the last time a version changed hands. Doxly also revamped the assignment process and created a “to-do” style list for specialty review. Just like the assignment process, you can set deadlines and due dates to keep the deal moving forward.


In addition to these remarkable enhancements, Doxly has modernized the document placement process within the system. Whether uploaded or emailed, if the artificial intelligence doesn’t automatically find a home for the document, you can now “drag and drop” the documents to the appropriate place within the checklist. Once the documents have been organized, utilize the perfected viewer to quickly toggle between versions of the document. When viewing the documents, you can see who drafted it as well as any associated notes. The document viewing capability transforms version control by providing a redline feature where you can instantly identify changes to a document. The redline capability provides a whole new level of efficiency and transparency. “When using Doxly, you will never have to search your emails again to determine who sent the latest draft or to determine what version is the final version of a document,” says Dana Foreman, Sr. Director of Marketing of Doxly.


Doxly truly transforms the deal process from an outdated manual process to an organized and systematic practice. The team at Doxly continues to focus on refining the corporate transaction practice for attorneys by increasing profitability and decreasing the amount of non-billable time spent on administrative tasks. Click here for additional detailed product information.


About Doxly

Doxly transforms the complex, chaotic process of managing legal transactions into a streamlined, efficient process. Built by corporate attorneys for corporate attorneys, Doxly’s secure cloud-based platform automates workflows for diligence and closing checklists, provides transaction-specific analytics and reports, enables legal teams and clients to collaborate on documents, automates signature collection and archives transaction-related information to create digital “closing books” in a secure and trusted environment. Visit www.doxly.com or follow Doxly on Twitter at @DoxlyApp for more information.




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