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Doxly: Attacking the Most Time-Consuming Activity in Closings

INDIANAPOLIS – April 16, 2019 – Doxly, the leading transaction management platform, announced today that they recently completed an in-depth time study of the transaction closing process, which found signature page creation to be the single most time-consuming activity (encompassing almost 30% of time) in the closing process. To address this critical pain point, Doxly conducted extensive interviews with both current and prospective customers to enhance its first of its kind signature page creation tool to further automate this process.


“As a former law firm partner, I’ve directly experienced the painful, manual signature management process which is why I’m so passionate about improving this workflow. It has been an amazing experience to work with our customers to leverage an already powerful platform and make it even better,” said Haley Altman, CEO of Doxly.


Doxly dramatically improved signature page creation by incorporating natural language processing (NLP) and additional template options into their platform. NLP automatically matches pre-formatted signature page templates to the deal documents requiring signature.


After the appropriate template has been matched to the document, their new document editor tools allow users to build their signature pages inside of the Doxly platform. Users have total control of how their signature blocks and pages are formatted and they can make document level formatting decisions across all signature pages by switching font style, text size, and adding headers and footers to match the original document style.


Doxly has taken efficiency a step further by allowing its users to retain previous deal structures, preferred styles, and leveraging them on future deals. The time savings create a compounding effect over the 50-75% of administrative time their customers are already saving.


Their latest product release, Doxly 3.0, has been validated with current and prospective customers and is now available to the legal market.


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Doxly transforms the complex, chaotic process of managing legal transactions into a streamlined, efficient process. Built by corporate attorneys for corporate attorneys, Doxly’s secure cloud-based platform automates workflows for diligence and closing checklists, provides transaction-specific analytics and reports, enables legal teams and clients to collaborate on documents, automates signature collection and archives transaction-related information to create digital “closing books” in a secure and trusted environment. Visit www.doxly.com, follow Doxly on Twitter at @DoxlyApp, or connect with us on LinkedIn for more information.




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