Doxly Launches Automated Signature Solution for Corporate Law Transactions

Never create signature blocks, pages and packets again with Signatures Simplified™ solution.


INDIANAPOLIS – April 10, 2017 – Doxly, a secure portal for end to end corporate transactions, continues to expand their platform capabilities with the launch of their new Signatures Simplified solution. This game-changing new feature will eliminate the need to create signature blocks, pages and packets manually, saving law firms time, mitigating risk associated with human error, and adding speed and accountability to the M&A deal process. The company, which prides itself on developing a product that provides attorneys a centralized hub for managing their legal transactions, was founded by Haley Altman, who has over a decade of experience working on complicated transactions in the corporate, private equity, and venture capital verticals.


“Doxly hits on a legitimate need bringing all aspects of transaction management onto a single, secure platform. Simplifying the overall management of signatures completes this long overdue solution for law firms,” said Dentons Chief Innovation Officer and Partner, John Fernandez.


Signatures Simplified can be completed easily by inputting the signer name, title, and entity one time. From this input, Doxly creates signature blocks and pages automatically, and combines them into signature packets for each individual signer. Doxly then tracks, sends reminders, and recompiles the received pages into their appointed documents in real-time. Mario Alvarez, Paralegal at Ice Miller LLP said, “I think Signatures Simplified can revolutionize the way law firms create, send and track signature packets. It saves me significant time in creation and compilation, but also give me real-time visibility into the overall signature progress of a deal – I’ve never seen anything like it!”


Additionally, the signer experience is flexible and friendly on any device, anywhere, at any time. Even if the traditional method is preferred (print, sign and scan method), Doxly’s advanced technology will receive and track those signatures as well. “In a sense when it comes to signature management, attorneys and their teams have been relying on a horse and buggy, and the automobile is now available – it is a huge leap forward” says D.Wayne Poole, COO of Doxly.


Doxly truly transforms the signature process from a completely manual process to an organized and systematic practice. The team at Doxly continues to focus on refining the deal process for attorneys by increasing profitability and decreasing the amount of non-billable time spent on administrative tasks associated with signature management. Click here for additional detailed product information.


About Doxly

Doxly transforms the complex, chaotic process of managing legal transactions into a streamlined, efficient process. Built by corporate attorneys for corporate attorneys, Doxly’s secure cloud-based platform automates workflows for diligence and closing checklists, provides transaction-specific analytics and reports, enables legal teams and clients to collaborate on documents, automates signature collection and archives transaction-related information to create digital “closing books” in a secure and trusted environment. Visit www.doxly.com or follow Doxly on Twitter at @DoxlyApp for more information.



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