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Evolve Law Podcast: Haley Altman

Haley Altman is a legal tech visionary and CEO of Doxly. Haley joins Ian on this week’s episode of the ETL Podcast.


Haley Altman is a former Silicon Valley attorney, current CEO of Doxly and legal tech visionary.  Doxly’s secure transaction management platform brings control, peace of mind, and velocity to legal transactions by centralizing checklists & reporting, tracking documents, tasks & versions and automating the entire signature management process.


Tune in to this week’s Evolve the Law Podcast as Haley and Host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) share transactional law war stories, discuss the latest news and updates over at Doxly, the importance of legal technology adoption vs. legal technology talk, and how to build those memorable user experiences to get your clients talking about you.



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Learn more about Doxly  https://doxly.com 


Connect with Ian https://twitter.com/QuantumJurist


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