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Evolve Law Podcast: Haley Altman, CEO of Doxly – Episode 046

From Mary Juetten on Evolve Law





Welcome to the forty sixth episode of the Evolve Law Podcast! Today our host, Mary Juetten, sits down with Haley Altman, the CEO of Doxly. Doxly is a legal transaction management platform that does end to end management from diligence to closing. After personal experiences as a lawyer of struggling to close deals because of paperwork minutia, she wanted to create a product that would show people how much value attornies actually bring to their clients when they aren’t worrying about administrative details.


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00:00 Intro


00:24 Introducing Haley Altman, CEO of Doxly


02:33 How Did You Launch Your Business?


04:06 Who are Your Main Customers?


04:52 What Makes You a Legal Tech Expert?


06:11 Do You Have Any Feedback You Can Share?


07:45 Can You Share Any Metrics on Using Your Solution?


09:53 Outro