| Kristen Sonday

Fifty Female Founders in Legaltech

As a Latina founder and self-proclaimed data nerd, this spring I published the first study (read more in the ABA Journal) on the lack of diversity within legaltech founders.


The unfortunate reality is that women make up less than 15 percent of founders within legaltech. Nonetheless, there are currently more than 50 fantastic female founders in legaltech building impactful solutions to critical needs. I believe this group is uniquely poised to apply their experiences and knowledge to real legal issues and help eliminate the justice gap.


So… where are they and what can people do to support them and their work?


I’ve started putting together a list of female legaltech founders to help shed light on who’s building what. I hope this list is the start of a larger effort to help connect founders, enable collaboration, and generate new ideas for how we can support each other’s work.


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