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ILTACon17 Guest Blogs: Day Three – Kira, Neota + Lots More AI

Greetings, Artificial Lawyers! Conferencing is exhausting. I haven’t been to one in a while, and never one quite so large as this. I’d forgotten what a constant furor it can be.


And, judging by how much sharper the elbows were around the coffee urns today, it’s not just me feeling the strain.


Fun + Games


On the plus side, I finally made it outside the hotel. I hadn’t been out of doors since the opening reception on Sunday night, so I took advantage of a brief lull in the programming to sit poolside and feel the sun on my face.


Also, I finally managed to meet up with my co-guest blogger, Matt, and he’s a super nice guy with some great insights on various AI tools.


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