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Legal Tech In 2018: Could This Be The Year That Biglaw Strikes Back?

Is your firm working on something innovative? It better be if it wants to keep up with the competition.


2018 will be the year I return to law firms


It’s been a long time coming. In 2013, I left my law firm to launch a startup and then (quite by accident) started writing about the new wave of legal tech startups in 2014. At that point, legal tech and innovation were not nearly as sexy as they are today. I used to see a major dip in traffic if I wrote about legal tech, but that is no longer the case. Since 2014, I’ve tried to cover not just the emerging startups, but the more established companies as well. I didn’t limit myself to tech and made sure to highlight alternative legal service providers (or LPOs or law companies or whatever they’re calling themselves) as well as innovative in-house departments.


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