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Ready To Leave Law For Legal Disruption?

At the end of this post, I have an offer to help lawyers who want to get into legal tech start-ups and other disruptive legal companies. If you’re a skip-to-the-chase kind of person, I won’t take it personally if you scroll to the bottom of the post. For those who would like a little more background, continue reading.


As on-campus interview season begins at the schools fortunate enough to still have law firms show up to recruit their rising 2Ls, I can’t help but remember my own frustrating OCI experience. I went to NYU Law School in order to begin my career, but I didn’t want to practice. I just naively assumed that a law degree from a top school was this flexible piece of paper that could catapult me into any organization. It never occurred to me that I was dropping $150K on a degree that got me no closer to my goals (apparently the male brain takes a little longer to fully form). But what I found even more frustrating was that the career center didn’t have any kind of blueprint for people like me other than applying to work at McKinsey. The problem is common: not all lawyers want to continue practicing inside a law firm or a legal department, but companies don’t love hiring lawyers to do much more than, well, be lawyers.


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