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Relationships Are Key For Many Reasons — Especially For Women Entrepreneurs

Personal sacrifice is a concept that entrepreneurs, like myself, know all too well. Time, sleep, money, nutrition, and friendships are just a few of the things that we exchange in pursuit of success. As the founder of my own company, I have happily put in countless hours of work and have made many sacrifices. However, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered my biggest sacrifice had become relationships.


This epiphany came to me in the form of a wakeup call from a professional friend who could see that my “friends list” had become tiny, and it was having a negative impact on me. His advice to me was that I needed to invest much more in friendships – inside of and beyond my work – ASAP. He talked about how his work and non-work related friendships all contributed to a full, rich life that he enjoyed – and – that helped him be more successful as an entrepreneur. He also shared some examples from his own life of how he worked hard, played hard, and was succeeding in all areas of life. We’ve all heard the saying “work hard, play hard”, but when you’re an entrepreneur with laser like focus on your startup, it can be easy to forget everything else. I have been living and breathing for my startup for a long time, and hadn’t planned on altering my “work hard and work harder” lifestyle. But something happened during that conversation and I was willing to consider there might be some changes I needed to make. It took a few months for his advice to sink in at an emotional level and for me to take action. In the end, he was right – adding more friendships into the mix actually made me more productive and effective at my work.


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