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Status Go Podcast: Securing & Automating Business Practices

Haley Altman, licensed attorney and founder of Doxly, sits down with Jeff Ton to talk about automating and securing business processes and practices. The same technology allowing us to move through critical business transactions with greater speed and agility also creates opportunity for security breaches and gross errors in communication, both carrying massive monetary and reputational impact.


Haley and Jeff highlight alternative, secure and more efficient approaches to business process and how to achieve greater employee adoption of these new technologies and methods. Additionally, this episode covers how IT Leaders can ensure more safe and secure legal practices within their companies and the questions everyone should be asking when hiring an attorney or a law firm.


Click here for Doxly’s recently published eBook, “Technology Solutions Mitigate Risk of Data Disclosure.” Their eBook gives a closer look at technology solutions for making the deal process more secure and how current unencrypted technologies are making law firms vulnerable to data breaches.


Listen to the full podcast.