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Top 100 Most Disruptive Legal Companies In 2017

Here it is! Our 2017 Top 100 List of the Most Disruptive Legal Companies. Despite the outright technological revolution we’ve been experiencing since the turn of the century, the legal industry has been mind-bogglingly slow to adopt new innovations. However, despite the uphill battle which is legal innovation, there are plenty of companies out there doing their best to disrupt the industry and usher it into the modern age. In the hopes of shining some light on those companies and perhaps sparking inspiration in a few aspiring entrepreneurs, I’ve put together this list of the 100 most disruptive companies in the legal industry.


While I could have organized the list by what I thought were the most disruptive companies, the order would have been subjective and difficult to navigate. So, for the sake of simplicity I’ve listed them in alphabetical order. -although I will point out a couple favorites along the way. Now let’s dig in.


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