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How Will AI Disrupt the Legal Industry?

Experts on the leading edge of science, technology, and business all agree that artificial intelligence, or AI, represents the next big leap in the world of technology. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and wildly successful billionaire, stated in 2017 that he predicts that the world’s first trillionaire will be someone who masters AI and applies it in ways we never thought possible. AI applications continue to flood the market, as evidenced by the home assistant wars waged by Amazon, Google, and Apple as all three technology giants maneuver for a share of the increasing market for consumer AI products.


Meanwhile, AI is slowly encroaching into the business and legal world as well as the consumer market. The legal industry, which has long resisted change of any significant sort, appears to many to be on the brink of an intense disruption that is precipitated, at least in part, by what AI has to offer. In an effort to gain a wide industry perspective on the timing and nature of how this is coming to pass – or already has – we asked 11 legal industry experts to answer the same question: How Will AI Disrupt the Legal Industry?


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