Doxly for Closings

DOXLY FOR CLOSINGS is a solution designed to improve the transaction closing process for law firm’s internal deal team and companies by eliminating low-return administrative tasks. Doxly for Closings allows deal teams to templatize entire transactions, automates the signature process, streamlines closing checklist review, and enables the creation of closing books.

Closing Checklist

Kick off every deal by selecting customized/personalized or industry standard closing checklists from the template library. The checklists provide a transaction roadmap, helping organize all of the relevant documents and tasks required for closing by providing a real-time view of the documents and tasks throughout each stage of the deal process.

Real-Time Status Updates

Post-Closing Management

Standardize Processes

DMS Integrations


The centralized signature solution dramatically improves the signature process from creating signature pages to executing final versions of documents. Deal documents are automatically matched to pre-formatted signature page templates to the documents requiring signature. After the appropriate templates have been matched to the documents, the document editor tools allow users to build their signature pages inside of the Doxly platform. Users have total control of how their signature pages are formatted and can make document level formatting decisions across all signature pages while saving the formatting changes to the template. Once the signature pages are created, Doxly automatically creates the signature packets and allows you to send the packets to signers directly from the platform while tracking the signing status in real-time.

Automated signature pages and packets

Seamless DocuSign Integration

Real-Time Signature Tracking

Send Reminders and Alerts

Closing Book

When the closing process is managed within a single platform, closing books can be compiled in minutes and delivered at closing. Easily edit and organize the table of contents, and create closing books for each closing and for specific stakeholders. Doxly offers several different options for closing book delivery (e.g. PDF and HTML).

Deliver at Closing

Create Multiple Versions

Save 80% of time over current process

Table of Contents Automatically Created


Gain instant insight into how deals are staffed and understand and manage attorneys’ bandwidth. Unlock valuable data from your transactions with customizable reports that analyze deal term trends. Leverage practice performance metrics, including number, size and type of deals closed, for marketing and business development purposes. Maintain a complete record of the transaction for audit and insurance purposes.