| Damien Black

What’s Under Your Kids’ Christmas Tree? You – With Doxly

The smell of freshly baked cookies fills the house. Beautifully wrapped presents sparkle in the lights of the freshly cut Christmas tree. Your family is snuggled together on the couch, watching a Christmas movie.


But you aren’t there. You’re in the office, trying to close a deal.


Sound familiar?


The holiday season is a time filled with making delicious meals, shopping for the perfect presents, catching up with relatives, and enjoying extra time with your family – unless you are a transactional attorney. This time of year for you is closing season, with clients pushing for their deals to be wrapped up by years’ end.


Have you missed Thanksgiving with the family or a kid’s holiday program because you were in the office? Have you wrapped up a deal just as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve? The hours transactional attorneys put in throughout the year are long, but dealing with the year-end rush makes them even longer.


We know this time of year is difficult. The clock is ticking on those deals, and you want to be at home with your family instead of in the office.


Put Doxly on Your Christmas List


Consider giving yourself the gift of Doxly. We have the tools you need to get your deals done in less time. With our secure transaction management platform, you are able to track the progress of each deal from start to close, centralize checklists and reporting, and automate the entire signature management process.


No more searching through stacks and stacks of papers on your desk or hundreds of emails trying to find a missing document. All the diligence documents can be collected and managed in a secure Data Room, with customized user permissions and built-in communications tools.


Getting signatures and keeping track of what pages have been signed and which are missing signatures is easy with Doxly. We allow you to build and automate signature blocks, pages and packets, and send and track for each signatory automatically. You can even receive alerts when a page is signed or set a reminder to follow up with the client about a missing signature. With Doxly, you can arrange pages in the deal based on each signatory’s preference, so you can put all signature pages up front or after specific terms. Our centralized signature solution reduces time spent on administrative tasks 53%.


When the deal is done, you can create the closing book with just a few simple clicks resulting in a time savings of over 80%.


Contact us today to request a demo and learn more about what Doxly can do for your deals. And next year, you’ll be under your kids’ Christmas tree.